Ref 1064L Following The Star

Following The Star; Ref 1064L; Landscape

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Please select the number of blank cards you require! All our cards are supplied completely blank on the inside. Verses, greetings etc. are printed on them to order. Please add overprinting options below as required.
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Add a one colour overprint to your blank cards.
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Add a second colour overprint to your cards. If not required, please select 'No Second Colour' in the drop down menu.
Your chosen charity is receiving 20% of the card price (excluding overprinting). Please type the name of your chosen charity in to the field above. For suggestions, please see our Charity Details page.
Category Collection 2012
Our cards are printed on 300gsm Board and finished to an exacting standard. If you require quantities other than those listed on the site, additional colours, company logos or a print proof, please contact our sales team at or phone us on 01 878 6035.

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